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Fees and Recovery to the Estate

As with other respected and experienced professionals, ASK may not be the lowest cost service provider. We have invested over $700,000 in our proprietary software and are the most experienced firm in avoidance litigation. Nevertheless, because our analysis and litigation expertise is superior, we expect our collection ratio to exceed competitive firms by 10%. The table below demonstrates that net proceeds will be higher with ASK than a competitor quoting a 5% lower fee.


Collection Ratio 60% 50% 10%
Preference Claims          $10,000,000
Gross Proceeds




Fee Rate








Net Proceeds





We work on a contingency fee and advance all costs, including filing fees. Whether rates are flat or decrease on a sliding scale based on the collection amount, our overall fee is rarely over 25% in engagements where gross transfers exceed $10 million. Even in smaller cases our overall fee is seldom more than 30%. As we do all the analysis there need not be the additional costs of accounting professionals that may otherwise be needed to support other professionals.