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Actor Jonathan Majors was recently charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment stemming from an argument in which Majors allegedly struck his then-girlfriend. She claims that the attack caused substantial pain, a laceration behind her ear, and broken fingers. Majors’ defense, however, claims that the case is backwards.

Eyewitness Accounts And Video Footage Are Among Evidence For Majors’ Defense

While the court of public opinion may be quick to pass judgment, the prosecution has their work cut out for them. Video evidence shows the alleged victim uninjured and dancing in a club immediately after the alleged assault took place. Text messages, an $800 bottle of champagne charged to Majors’ credit card from the nightclub, multiple eyewitness accounts, and security video footage depicting the alleged victim unharmed at her apartment building are among the evidence contradicting the prosecution’s case.

The driver of the car in which the alleged altercation took place is a key witness for the defense. The driver is expected to testify that Majors’ then-girlfriend assaulted Majors in the car during an argument that spilled out onto the street after the driver allegedly unlocked the door to help Majors escape.

Attorney Judie A. Saunders Discusses Troubling Lack Of Evidence In Domestic Violence Cases

ASK LLP partner Judie A. Saunders commented on the case in a recent Yahoo! Entertainment article about Majors’ high-profile domestic violence charges. Attorney Saunders, who has represented survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence for over twenty years, believes that a conviction in Jonathan Majors’ case will likely hinge on the prosecution’s ability to present evidence beyond the alleged victim’s witness statement.

In the article – which you can read by clicking here – Saunders notes that “From my experience as a prosecutor, domestic violence cases are notoriously hard to prosecute and secure top count convictions unless there are significant injuries, a documented history of abuse and a cooperative victim” and that the lack of evidence in domestic violence cases “usually results in the vast majority of domestic violence cases being dismissed outright or dismissed within six months to one year.”

ASK LLP attorney Judie Saunders is prepared to thoroughly investigate circumstances of abuse and defend survivors in challenging domestic violence cases. Her experience as a prosecutor lends itself to these unique cases, as she easily anticipates and challenges holes in the prosecution’s case in pursuit of justice for her clients.

Majors’ case is still developing, and a court date has been set for May 8.