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People do not generally put a lot of thought into riding in the passenger seat of a vehicle, although maybe they should. Riding as a passenger of someone else can come with additional risks and safety precautions that are nonexistent when you are the vehicle’s driver. Here is what you can do to keep yourself and the driver safe:

  1. Always Wear Your Seatbelt

No matter how fast or far you are going, a seatbelt should always be worn when in a vehicle.

  1. Never Block the Driver’s View

Always be mindful that you are not blocking any of the driver’s view; you may jeopardize everyone in the car’s safety.

  1. Put Your Phone Down

It can be unpleasant for a driver to listen to a passenger on their cell phone. Be courteous, put the phone down, and give the driver your attention.

  1. Help Your Driver Handle Distractions

Sometimes it can be seemingly impossible to follow directions while driving, especially in an unfamiliar area. Help your driver with navigation, dashboard controls, eating, or any other distractions that come about while driving.

  1. Do Not Be a Backseat Driver

It can be irritating for a driver to listen to a passenger shout instructions like they are a driving instructor. Remember that the driver needs to stay focused on the road; keep quiet and do not point out any mistakes or orders.

  1. The Driver Is in Charge

The driver is always in charge when driving a vehicle. For example, the radio volume, temperature, and GPS device are always done to their liking so they can focus on driving.

  1. Always Keep Your Cool

You never want to get the driver of a vehicle worked up. Do your best to maintain a neutral or positive conversation, as extreme emotions or arguments can endanger everyone in the car.