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Mass Torts

ASK is uniquely at the intersection between mass tort law and bankruptcy law.  For example, ASK represents the ad hoc committee of individual victims in the Purdue bankruptcy, wild-fire victims who are on the tort-claimants committee in the PG&E bankruptcy, opioid victims in the Insys bankruptcy, and sexual assault victims of Harvey Weinstein who sat on the creditors’ committee in the Weinstein Company bankruptcy.  ASK also represented sexual assault victims in the LBI bankruptcy, and wrongful termination and retaliation victims in the Verity bankruptcy, among others. 

ASK understands that bankruptcy can be a confusing place for people who have already been victimized once, and who feel as if insult is being added to their injury.  ASK has extensive experience working with victims and their counsel to guide them through the bankruptcy process, and to help them recover what they are rightfully owed. 

ASK has a long history of recovering money on behalf of its clients, who are typically creditors in bankruptcy (victims and general unsecured creditors).  ASK also regularly represents post-confirmation bankruptcy trustees for whom ASK has recovered over $250,000,000 by prosecuting “preference actions” seeking the recovery of money paid by bankrupt debtors within 90 days prior to the bankruptcy.

Edward Neiger, the co-managing partner of ASK has recently been published in the New York Law Journal in an article entitled “When Mass Tort Meets Bankruptcy,” a copy of which can be obtained here.



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