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ASK LLP hosts "Party Your ASK Off" launch party at Hudson Hotel

On June 20th, 400 bankruptcy and restructuring professionals gathered together at the "Party Your ASK Off" event, hosted by ASK LLP.  The party took place at the beautiful outdoor space of Private Park at the Hudson Hotel. The event was a celebration of the combination of ASK Financial LLP with the bankruptcy practice group of Neiger LLP, to form ASK LLP in September 2012. Guests were treated to an elegant, laid back summer soiree, which also doubled as a great networking event. Attendees enjoyed specialty cocktails and munched on gourmet taco dishes, as well as sliders, French toast grilled cheese, guacamole, salad and many other hors d'oeuvres. To add to the fun, the party featured an ice cream sundae station which hosted many unique ice cream flavors and toppings, as well as a cotton candy machine, popcorn and foosball tables. 

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