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During more than three decades of practice, ASK LLP is among the nation’s leading bankruptcy, creditors’ rights, mass torts, personal injury, and sexual abuse firms. Only ASK LLP combines these practice areas into a cohesive approach to legal representation with one overriding goal… To Fight for You.


ASK LLP helps creditors realize value in the nation’s largest bankruptcy cases, battles corporate wrongs in the mass torts, and seeks healing and accountability in sexual abuse cases. Skilled, tenacious advocates with one goal – to  maximize recovery for our clients.


The attorneys of ASK LLP combine their experience in some of the largest and most complex business and litigation matters. With a proven track record of results, recovering over $500 million for their clients.


ASK LLP offers stellar legal work at flexible rates. We understand cost matters, especially for clients facing financial hardship or bankruptcy estates with limited resources. By minimizing overhead, we offer lower hourly rates, flexible contingency fees, and blended rates for maximum compensation. Get justice without breaking the bank.

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ASK LLP is passionate about helping clients and co-counsel reach their goals. We are a close-knit team of smart, hardworking and dedicated attorneys who leave no stone unturned in our drive to get the job done right.
Chapter 11 is typically used to reorganize a business, which may be a corporation, sole proprietorship, or partnership. A corporation exists separate and apart from its owners, the stockholders. A case filed under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code is frequently referred to as a “reorganization” bankruptcy. In these troubling economic times, it is imperative that your business does not enter the point of no return – the point at which bankruptcy becomes inevitable. If your business is experiencing financial distress, call ASK LLP to see if a Chapter 11 reorganization is right for you. ASK LLP represents Chapter 11 debtors of all sizes. Most recently, ASK LLP represented Madison 92 Associates LLC, an $82 million New York City Marriot-flagged hotel, in its successful restructuring. ASK also represented Stillwater Offshore, a billion-dollar hedge fund, in its Chapter 11 orderly liquidation. ASK has debtor-side experience with restaurants, real estate, retail, and hospitality, among many other industries.

ASK LLP is one of the few law firms that has had a leadership role in the nation’s largest wildfire disasters. We represented one of the leading city executives of the city of Paradise – ground zero in the California wildfires. We not only helped our client get a coveted seat on the Official Torts Committee that was appointed in that case, but we were instrumental in negotiating a $12 billion settlement on behalf of ALL wildfire victims. ASK LLP has associated with Recovery Law Center as Hawaiian co-counsel so that we are able to provide immediate assistance and guidance to wildfire victims. Since it is anticipated that Hawaiian Electric will file for bankruptcy, not only will you need a lawyer with wildfire experience (something hard enough to come by), but you will also want a lawyer intimately familiar with mass torts bankruptcy- another rare legal specialty. ASK LLP is one of the few law firms in the country with BOTH a mass tort practice, with specific wildfire experience, and a full-service bankruptcy practice, with specific experience in mass tort cases. For example, we represented a client on the Official Tort Committee in the PG&E wildfire bankruptcy (helped negotiate a $12 billion settlement), we represent the Ad Hoc Committee of Individual Victims of the opioid crisis in the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy (negotiated a $750 million settlement), and we were one of the founding members of the Coalition for Scouting Justice in the Boy Scouts bankruptcy (helped negotiate a $2.5 billion settlement). In short, ASK LLP is one of the only law firms in the county with BOTH mass tort wildfire experience and mass tort bankruptcy experience. We are happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your case and of course we are happy to provide references.