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Male-to-Male Extension Cord Injury Lawsuit

Nov 06, 2023

On September 15, 2022, The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) officially warned consumers not to use male-to-male (three-pronged to three-pronged) extension cords.

“due to shock, electrocution, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning hazards.” Indeed, these extension cords are so dangerous that they are commonly nicknamed “suicide cords” and “widow maker cords.” Here is what we know about these dangerous extension cords one year later.


Dangerous Extensions Cords Can Kill

These extension cords cause shock and electrocution because the exposed prongs are live.

These extension cords cause fire due to “electrical arcing,” a dangerous process where electricity jumps through the air from one connection to another, causing temperatures hotter than 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

CPSC explains that these extension cords cause carbon monoxide poisoning because a generator emits carbon monoxide, and the short length of most suicide cords being sold would require the generator to be either very near or inside the home.


Electrical experts agree that the benefits of killer extension cords are outweighed by their fatal risks.

According to the CPSC, the primary use for male-to-male extension cords is to “‘back-feed electricity to a residence during a power outage by connecting a generator to an outlet in the home.” Consumers also sometimes use them to connect Christmas lights, which the consumer strung incorrectly, ending up with the female side of the cord near a wall outlet and no way to connect them (other than to restring the lights).

Consumer Reports lists the safe way to back-feed a residence during a power outage while avoiding the risks of the dangerous extension chord. “Instead of purchasing a male-to-male plug, homeowners should purchase and install transfer switches for their generators. These safely connect a home standby or portable generator to a circuit panel via one cable. Prices with installation can run from $500 to $900.” Indeed, consumers have a variety of transfer switches to purchase at Amazon for less than $1,000.

It is unreasonably dangerous that any company would manufacture and/or market a product posing significant risks of “shock, electrocution, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning hazards,” which can, however, be eliminated by utilizing available technology costing less than $1,000 per device. Consumers trust that when they buy a product, there are no fatal flaws that could be eliminated by improving the device at a cost of less than $1,000.   

Consumers purchased killer extension cords on popular sites like Amazon. They can still purchase them at Ebay and AliExpress.

The CPSC reported on September 15, 2022, that consumers could purchase male-to-male extension cords from popular sites like Amazon.com. As of the writing of this article, such cords no longer appear available on Amazon.com, but they do still appear for sale on sites including Ebay.com and AliExpress.com.

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