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Maui Recovery Fund

Nov 13, 2023

The “Maui Recovery Fund” announced by the Governor offers victims a quick low-ball settlement payment in return for a promise not to sue the parties responsible for the wildfires. Although the fund may exceed $150 million that is a fraction of the compensation needed by those who have suffered physical and emotional injuries themselves or to fairly compensate the families of those who died in the wildfires. Clearly the fund does not hold the culpable parties for this enormous tragedy. Instead, by relieving them of all financial liability it will do nothing to prevent them from continuing their dangerous practices. Maui will not be safe without those responsible being found liable.

The loss and suffering that has occurred at the hands of culpable parties is in the billions of dollars. Hawaiian Electric, The County of Maui and the State of Hawaii among others know they will face mammoth losses if these cases proceed in the courts. They also know the truth will come out as to why this tragedy occurred.  While cutting off victim’s legal rights, this proposed recovery fund does nothing to address and capture the full range of damage caused by the wildfires, including historic properties that were destroyed and an array of business that will never fully recover. Whether a fire victim seeks justice by holding those responsible liable or opts to participate in a fair recovery fund, it is in their best interest to work with an experienced wildfire law firm that will maximize their recovery. ASK LLP is such a firm and in Maui, along with Recovery Law Center, we will fight for you. Our team of dedicated and compassionate attorneys has and will continue to help injured victims receive the best results and hold culpable parties responsible. 

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