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Over the past three decades, ASK LLP has become one of the nation’s leading law firms for (i) the recovery and defense of avoidance actions, (ii) large portfolio commercial collections, (iii) enforcement of individual unsecured creditors’ rights and (iv) providing general bankruptcy advice customized to particular creditors, purchasers and debtors. Clients count on ASK to not only address their current legal needs, but to think “outside the box” and help them reach their goals in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

The ASK LLP team is also well known for representing victims of personal injury and for recovering millions of dollars in compensation in complex mass tort cases across the United States. Please visit to find out if you have a Mass Tort or Personal Injury case today.

Our professional staff is comprised of 10 attorneys and more than twenty support staff in two national offices: New York and Saint Paul. ASK attorneys are experienced litigators and negotiators who average 10 years years of legal experience.

The following four factors make ASK LLP attorneys unique in our field:

1. Cost. ASK was formed with one goal: provide a stellar work product at the best and most flexible rate possible. Cost is an important consideration for clients, especially in the financially distressed arena. By minimizing overhead and being pragmatic, ASK is able to charge lower hourly rates or utilize flexible contingency fees and blended rates without compromising quality or personal attention.

2. Experience. ASK attorneys worked on large, complex bankruptcies, restructurings and avoidance action portfolios, and have the experience necessary to handle all aspects of a bankruptcy case. ASK attorneys’ breath of experience means the firm is ideally positioned to assist clients with matters relating to its core practice areas.

3. Results. ASK uses its attorneys’ experience in some of the largest and most complex bankruptcy cases to devise and implement strategies to help clients achieve their goals. The firm’s track record in prosecuting avoidance actions and collecting accounts receivable is well known.The firm has a consistent track record of obtaining superior results for its clients that exceed expectations.

4. Dedication. ASK LLP is passionate about helping clients and co-counsel reach their goals. We are a close-knit team of smart, hardworking and dedicated attorneys who leave no stone unturned in our drive to get the job done right. We can be reached to answer your questions or listen to your concerns at any time of the day or night. To learn more about us, please see our profiles in the “attorney profiles” section of this website.

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