Over the past three decades, ASK LLP has become one of the nation’s leading boutique bankruptcy law firms. But why should YOU hire ASK as efficiency counsel? Please consider the following three reasons:

Experience. ASK’s bankruptcy attorneys have approximately 20 years of experience on average, and work on large, complex bankruptcies and restructurings across all industries (retail, energy, financial, crypto, food & beverage, pharma, mass tort, among many others). They are admitted in nine states1 and the District of Columbia. ASK has recently been retained as Efficiency Counsel2 in the bankruptcy cases of Sears (prosecuting public shareholder litigation), Deans Foods (handling claims objections), and Achaeogen (litigating with purchaser who backed out; claims objections).

Ability. ASK has 10 full time bankruptcy attorneys, some of whom have gained experience at the nation’s most prestigious law firms prior to joining ASK. These attorneys are backed up by over 20 support staff, including paralegals, analysts, and other para-professionals. We are able to handle all matters large or small.

Cost. Legal fees are an important factor in bankruptcy proceedings, where creditors are directly impacted by administrative claims.